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Dr. Christine Sapienza, Dr. Silvia Ferretti, and President Tim Cost pose for a photo

About 91大神猫先生千人斩Who We Are

Named one of the Best Regional Universities in the South for more than 15 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report, 91大神猫先生千人斩 is a premier private institution in northeast Florida. Founded in 1934, the University offers more than 100 majors, minors, and programs, including in-demand degrees in Nursing, Business, Biology and Marine Science, and Engineering, as well as those in the more contemporary and specialized fields of Aviation, Communication, Film, and Computing Science.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast, Jacksonville is a recognized hub for world-class healthcare, international banking, logistics, emerging tech fields and so much more. The best part? 91大神猫先生千人斩 has hundreds of partnerships and connections across the city that unlock opportunities for our students.

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Christine Sapienza, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Partnerships and Development

Our Mission

The Office of Partnerships and Development prioritizes the complementary opportunities between 91大神猫先生千人斩 and industry partners in the marketplace for the benefit of our students and community workforce development. The Office will engage in strategies to build strong alliances, devote resources, and attention to our industry partners to catalyze positive outcomes in growth and innovation. The Office recognizes the significant value of its partners and will intensify the University efforts to support and sustain the accelerated progress of 91大神猫先生千人斩 and its community.

Pictured Right: 91大神猫先生千人斩 Chancellor Emerita, Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne, breaking ground on the Davis College of Business academic building made possible by the Davis family. 

Dr. Francis Kinne breaking ground for the Davis College of Business building.

Our Partners

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Moving Forward, TogetherPartner With Us

91大神猫先生千人斩 has cultivated exciting partnerships with leading organizations throughout the world that directly impact their Return on Investment (ROI) in various key areas, including talent acquisition, research and innovation, brand visibility, and revenue diversification.

Our team is dedicated to identifying specific university initiatives that seamlessly align with your corporate strategic goals and priorities. Whether that involves enhancing the future of our students, contributing to the growth of students, faculty, staff, and programs, collaborating with our esteemed faculty and staff, or sponsoring groundbreaking research, 91大神猫先生千人斩 is ready to be your partner in achieving those missions and creating a significant positive impact on our community.


鈥淲e should be able to create as much progress in the next five years as we have created in the last 10 years. I鈥檓 expecting the slope of our trajectory to steepen.鈥

Tim Cost ('81)12th president of 91大神猫先生千人斩

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Christine Sapienza, Ph.D. 
Executive Vice President, Partnerships and Development


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